Bruno Camerin, company founder, has a lifetime of experience in the restoration of antique furniture and in manufacturing quality interiors. As a result of this knowledge and background the company is familiar with every historical style and period.

Our general catalogues show a wide range of ready made furniture with fixed measurements and construction but we also have a very unique speciality—the construction of custom furniture which can be designed by an architect, designer or even the client himself.

The capacity to construct unique single pieces is rarely found in our mass-production world where manufacturers are not willing to spend time on individual requests.

We have expert knowledge of every type of finish available-possible and impossible;  leather, embossed leather (crocodile, ostrich etc), snakeskin, stingray leather (Galuchat) – always respecting the Washington convention for endangered species – plus mother of pearl and fine veneer inlays and also glass, mirror and crystal inserts, finishes in gold, silver, platinum, bone, horn, tortoiseshell and ivory, combinations of marble, wood, metal, cast bronze figures and carvings of every type and dimension.

We are often asked to make the  “impossible”  and we always do with no exception.

Once a request reaches our technical office we start studying it, making a 3D visual rendering to give the client the perfect look of the fully finished piece. We then make the shopdrawing for production and, once approved, we make the piece and safely deliver it to destination anywhere in the world.

Our furniture has been sold in fine stores throughout Europe and Usa.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have whilst browsing through our web site. Our sales department will be happy to assist and advise you.

Following the list of the major projects carried out by CAMERIN – Luxury Interiors, Italy

All products were manufactured by PT. Kharisma Klasik Indonesia, Semarang:

  • Presidential Palace in Astana: Engineering of all interiors for the THIRD floor: Residence of President of Kazakhstan.
  • Presidential Palace in Grozny: Engineering of interiors of the 3 floors of the Palace: 6,000 sq. meters.
  • Presidential Dacia in Kiev: Complete furnishing of the basement floor of the house in Gothic Style: 1,000 sq. meters.(see photos)
  • Joinery of the private house of President Kadirov in Grozny, including all 85 doors.
  • Main MANSION of Ismailov Telman, Russian Tycoon, in Moscow – Skolkovo: all interiors and joinery on 3,500 sq.  Meters.(see photos)
  • Former ROYAL COLLEGE OF ORGANISTS, now private house of an English billionaire, spanning on 7 floor in front of the Royal Albert Hall: all joinery and furnishings of the house.(see photos)
  • Luxury Villa made for Elena Schevcenko,  placed on the luxury compound complete joinery and furnishings on 1,200 sq. meters.(see photos)
  • 39 AVENUE ROAD, London: 25 million pounds value property sold  to a Russian Tycoon, developed by (see photos)
  • Engineering interiors for the 156 meters long motoryacht MAY, belonging to Ibraimovich, 2 floors, private apartments of the owner.
  • CUMBERLAND TERRACE – London: complete internal joinery of the portion of this historical London mansion, facing to Regent Park, made in Georgian period by famous architect JOHN NASH.(see photos  – Copyright by Edward Hill Photography)
  • Complete interiors of a luxury shop in S. MARCO SQUARE – Venice belonging to the Fabris Family.(see photos)
  • PRECISTENKA, 28: remake of the Liberty Entrance door of the Palace and internal hall (visible today in Moskow in front of Gallery Zeriteli).
  • PRECISTENKA, 28: 1st floor large apartment belonging to Marina Cigalova, representative of Disney for Russia: all joinery and furnishings.
  • Villa in Usinsk – Siberia: made for the President of Lukoil.
  • Executive Offices for SRITEX: biggest textile corporation in Indonesia.(see photos)
  • PRESIDENTIAL Suite in CROWN QUALITY HOTEL in Yogyakarta/Java.(see photos)
  • LUSSINO – Croatia: Villa Carolina: Historical  Liberty mansion with private access to the sea bought by a Russian tycoon: all joinery and furnishings.(see photos)
  • Villa MOLIN in Venetian Area: historical Villa built in 17th century by Doge Molin (king of Venice) : complete joinery and furnishings.(see photos)
  • KIKETI Villa in Tbilisi region, Georgia belonging to a Russian tycoon of Georgian origin.
  • RUBLEVKA important mansion of 4,000 sq.meters by Nana Getashvili, leading interior Russian Designer: engineering of all doors and part of the joinery.
  • Villa in New Jersey: complete joinery and doors.
  • Residence in Singapore built by an Indian Tycoon: 3,500 sq. meters of Palace: special joinery interiors and furnishings.
  • CAVENDISH AVENUE 24, London: New house of 1,000 sq. meters: complete joinery.(see photos)
  • Russian Finance Ministry – Moscow: offices.
  • Russian EMBASSY – Rome: Guest Apartment furnishes.
  • Private home of Mr. Prighozin, owner of Concord – St. Petersburg, biggest Russian catering company.
  • BAGRATIONI: Famous Georgian winery in Tbilisi: all furnishings of the internal restaurant hosting 600 persons in luxury.(see photos)
  • RUBLEVKA/Moscow: 2,500 sq. meters of villa owned by Levan Vasadze, vice president financial corporation SISTEMA.(see photos)
  • House in Belgorod, south of Moscow builded by Stella Karapetian.
  • RUBLEVKA/Moscow: private house of Stella Karapetian: built-up of an astonishing library on 2 floors.
  • Important house in KRASNODAR belonging to a local commodities trader.(see photos)
  • PURI BARON in Java. Historical listed Dutch Colonial mansion: full interiors, joinery and furnishes belonging to an Indonesian Tycoon . (see photos)
  • Furnishings Russian Embassy London.
  • Tables and Chairs for official banquet G20 – St. Petersburg September 2013.(see photo)
  • VILLA SOLIS – Cannes (Russia Tycoon).
  • VILLA CENTOROJ 2: GROZNY – President Family.
  • VILLA CENTOROJ 1: GROZNY – President Wife Residence.
  • VILLA AIMANI: GROZNY – President Mother’s Residence.
  • RUSTAM VILLA IN BANJARMASIN – 4000 SqM of contemporary Luxury Villa.
  • 83, DALVEY Rd – Singapore = 3000 SqM of Luxury mansion for an Indonesia Tycoon.
  • AL WAJBA – CLUBHOUSE – Doha Qatar: 2.000 sq.m of joinery and doors and 400 pcs of furniture.(Head of State mansion-no photos available).-
  • RACKAM Villa – Doha – Qatar – All interior furniture.
  • SHEIKA MARYAM Villa – Doha – Qatar – All interior furniture.
  • MAJILIS Sheika Maryam – Doha – Qatar – All interior furniture.
  • SOUK WAQIF Boutique Hotel – Doha – Qatar – 28 rooms in the center of Souk.
  • LONG ISLAND – N.Y. : 1.500 Sq.m of Villa: all doors and joinery.
  • MR. PUTIN RESIDENCE – Meeting Room – Moscow.(Head of State-no photos available)
  • BEIJING – CHINA – Residence Mr. Yun – Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur.
  • SHERATON / DOHA – Selected areas including Monumental Horse Shoe Conference table and Royal Suites.
  • ROYAL COTTAGE (4000 Sq.m) in Ifrane – Morocco. All furniture: 700 pcs.(Head of State-no photo available)
  • ROYAL PALACE – OMAN (All loose furniture 650 pcs) (Head of State-no photo available).-
  • DMITRI VILLA – Neoclassical Top Villa in The Queens, New York, U.S. (see photos)
  • LUSAIL OFFICE Tower One  17th and 18th floor , Lusail City – Doha – Qatar (see photos)
  • HERITAGE RESTAURANT located in the historical area of Doha – Qatar (see photos)
  • AL NAJADA BOUTIQUE HOTEL – Furniture on Restaurant 1- Doha – Qatar (see photos)
  • PRIVATE VILLA AT RAYYAN – Doha – Qatar  (see photos)
  • Saudi  Prince Apartment   in historical palace – Paris (see photos)
  • Classic 18th century French Boiserie and Furniture – Hendrikus House – Jakarta (see photos)
  • All joinery and furniture  Sutikno House – Jakarta (see photos)
  • Deco Apartment in Jesolo (Venice) (see photos)
  • Private Liberty Apartment in Miami (see photos)
  • Private House in Moscow  (see photos)
  • Private Palace in Saint Petersburg – Russia Replica of the State Bedroom of EMPRESS CATERINA the 2nd
  • Special pieces under client design made for Borghese, top show room in Saint Petersburg – Russia
  • Private Cottage in Switzerland (see photos)
  • Private Country Venetian Villa (see photos)
  • Private Villa in Versailles Compound – Gothic Style S.. Petersburg – Russia (see photo)
  • Private Villa in Jakarta  Design SETIAWAN studio (see photos)
  • Modern Offices in Ganau America – California USA – Design Niki Interior- Sonoma (see photos)
  • Al Khor – Farm Villa in Doha – Qatar (see renderings)
  • Al Khurma  Offices – in Doha – Qatar (see renderings)
  • Saint German Palace – Paris (see renderings)
  • Chocolate Shop – Doha – Qatar (see photos)
  • Listvyanka Villa – Siberia  (see renderings)
  • Seikh  Saudi Palace  – Al Wukair – Qatar (see renderings)
  • Kiev Palace – Ukraine (see renderings)
  • Crepe and More: Mall of Qatar (see photos)
  • Al Qahtani Villa – Qatar (see photos)
  • Bu Thelah Farm Villa – Qatar  (see photos)