Prices are intended the ones shown in our official proforma invoice, duly signed by the purchaser.


ALL models are protected under the “intellectual property rights act” and transgressors will be prosecuted by law.
All legal litigations will be addressed to Venice Tribunal, under Italian current legislation.


Packing costs are included in our prices.
Where needed (glass shelves – marble tops etc.) wooden cages or wooden crates are included in our prices.
Special packing, on special requests, will be debited with an extra of 5% for WOODEN CAGING or 10% for WOODEN CRATES.


Transport can be organized by the client or by Luxury Interiors.. In any case transport damages and losses are at the risk of client, once agreed the detail of the transport.
LUXURY INTERIORS  is not responsible either for delays in delivery and mismanagement of the transport company.


According terms agreed and signed in the proforma invoice.


Client should NEVER forget that all LUXURY INTERIORS production is artisan made by hand, therefore small differences in size and colour can be seen and MUST be accepted, being the best guarantee of a piece “HAND MADE”.
LUXURY INTERIORS is willing to supply whatever finish client would like to have, out of the standard catalogue finishes. A sample from the client is ALWAYS requested to follow at our best the final finish.
Despite our care, NEVER forget that a hand made finish is subject to slight differences and nuances, therefore the finish sample is ONLY an indication which cannot be perfectly mirrored into the final piece of furniture.
Finishes made in different times, will never be guaranteed to be exactly the same of the previous one.
Same concept is also applied to the fabric, which can vary from batch to batch from the textile company.
MEASUREMENTS: a tolerance of ± 1% must be allowed.
WEIGHT: even identical pieces can vary in weight due to the internal construction which has not machine made standards.
COLOUR: despite the same basic colour is applied on all surfaces, different grains and flames of the wood can give the perception of differences which must be accepted. Also the effect of the vertical grains can be different from the horizontal grains and also this difference must be accepted being part of the natural wood nature.
BRILLIANCE: Standard gloss is around 50% but any gloss can be ordered, from soft (30%) to very shining (90%).- slight differences in the gloss must be accepted specially in different models.
PARASITES: We treat our wood with a product which guarantees the wood “woodworm free” for at least 10 years. Despite this, occasionally and very rarely, some parasite can survive to this process. In case of insurgency of the problem inform immediately LUXURY INTERIORS  in order to have all instructions how to eliminate the problem itself.


The furniture supplied by LUXURY INTERIORS is fully guaranteed as far as shape-finish-superquality are concerned

To check your piece of furniture ASSOARREDO, our Italian furniture manufacturers association, has fixed some steps to be made. Once these steps are passed successfully, then your quality control is made.


  • POSITION OF THE PIECE: assembled.
  • ILLUMINATION: 2000 Lux.
  • DURATION: 30 seconds

If upon this inspection visible defects are not noticed the test is to be considered positive.
Small defects MUST be accepted (small defects are the ones you might see in your furniture after ONLY one day of normal use).
STRUCTURAL defects are in FULL guarantee. In this case client should immediately inform LUXURY INTERIORS about the problem, supporting the claim with photos and good description.
LUXURY INTERIORS is ready to give all technical information how to solve the problem, and to send all materials in need for this purpose, free of charge.
In case of MAJOR structural problems, LUXURY INTERIORS  will send his own team to check and remedy, or will ask the client to send back the faulty piece.
In this case the furniture MUST be packed on the original packing to avoid further damages during the transportation.
After 60 days from the delivery, LUXURY INTERIORS has the right to refuse any claim related to transportation and structural defects.
LUXURY INTERIORS is NOT responsible for bad restoration made by others in the furniture, out of his suggestions and directions.